Schiene OÖ GmbH – „StadtRegioTram“ Straßenbahnausbau

SCWP Schindhelm supports Schiene OÖ GmbH and the Upper Austrian Transport Association in the establishment of the “StadtRegioTram” with the latest technology and expansion of the regional rail network. The mandate covers all phases from project planning to the provision of transport services and includes various public and private law aspects.

The achievements of SCWP Schindhelm go far beyond the drafting of contracts and documentation. The advice encompasses the planning, financing, questions related to aid, concessions, property redemptions, approvals, building permits, tenders for construction, supply and service assignments, transport services, vehicle procurement, cooperation between local authorities and many other areas. SCWP Schindhelm also accompanies award procedures and has successfully fended off applications for review.

Dr. Hanno Liebmann

„In the truest sense of the company’s name, we bring everything on track. It is gratifying to see how something new arises out of the great cooperation with our clients and everyone involved. We also appreciate that our expertise contributed to such a transportation project.”

DI Herbert Kubasta, MAS MBA
Managing Director Schiene OÖ

“SCWP Schindhelm advised Schiene OÖ GmbH to the highest standard on several legal issues during its first big project. The results are convincing.”

Dr Hanno LiebmannMag Jana Seywald
Project details

Duration of the project:
ongoing since April 2013