Training and further education is an essential pillar of our success. Within the framework of the internally organised SAXINGER Academy there is a comprehensive further training programme for both lawyers and assistants.


The SAXINGER Academy for Lawyers, an important part of learning alongside "training on the job", holds around 40 seminars and workshops a year. The content of the lectures is prepared and held primarily by experienced law firm employees (lawyers, research assistants). This covers both basic knowledge and in-depth specialist knowledge of the legal departments as well as content from a broader range of topics (e.g. accounting, legal English etc.).

The SAXINGER Academy for Assistants holds around 20 seminars per year. These range from basic legal knowledge and IT training to telephone training and business English seminars.


In addition, once a year there are the SAXINGER Basic-Days, which are held outside the office in a wellness hotel and are intended to promote networking among colleagues as well as to obtain basic legal knowledge.
Lunchtime presentations

Our lunchtime presentations take place monthly. Associate lawyers prepare a presentation on current OGH decisions, which is presented once a month at a lunch provided by the firm. The respective associate decides after consultation with his/her training lawyers on which topic he/she would like to present. The benefit for the participants is that trainee lawyers prepare current decisions and make this know-how available to colleagues. The benefit for the speaker is that he/she deals with a topic, prepares ppt-slides and improves his/her own presentation competence by presenting to colleagues.

Further trainings and workshops

External lecturers are engaged for further training on special topics that cannot be covered by the firm's internal resources. If necessary, the know-how and lecturers from the SAXINGER Alliance can be consulted on topics concerning the legal situation abroad. Participation in the firm's own training courses is possible not only for current employees but also for our interns.

Regular workshops are organised to prepare for the bar exams, in which trainee lawyers who have just passed the bar exam provide valuable tips and assistance.