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Responsibility for the future?

The issue of Private Clients is sensitive and is mostly avoided because it involves difficult, often family-based decisions. However, it is not only necessary, but can also be financially advantageous and emotionally liberating to take timely precautions.

Whether private or corporate succession planning, purchase and sale of private real estate, inheritance disputes, or divorce: Our experts will advise you comprehensively and individually in the areas relevant to you taking into account aspects of civil and corporate law.

Private asset succession: Savely into the next generation

donation and/or transfer agreements | marriage agreements and pacts | partnership agreements | inheritance agreements | wills | legacies | waiver agreements

To turn one's possessions prudently and justly to one's successor(s) - that is the challenge in everyone's life. Starting from the consideration of your family and property situation, we support you in the concretisation of your wishes and your individual requirements. Our aim is to work with you to develop and implement the best possible structuring of your estate succession, taking into account the legal implications.

Private pension provision

precautionary powers of attorney | patient dispositions

Every human being can find himself in a situation where he can no longer independently express wishes or make decisions due to an accident, illness or loss of mental abilities. With a living will or a precautionary power of attorney you can define your personal wishes and ideas bindingly. Hence, it is important to make all necessary arrangements in a timely and legally secure manner – for medical treatment as well as for all legal and financial matters.

Private real estate

purchase and sale | letting | lease | tax optimization

The purchase, sale and management of real estate, whether as a private dwelling or as an investment, must be carefully examined. Our real estate specialists advise you on the financing, purchase and sale of real estate and real estate portfolios. We know the right people on the spot to find or market them. We also support you in property management, from the conclusion and termination of lease agreements to the preparation of the necessary documents and communication with the local authorities.

Public and Administrative Law

double stays | citizenship matters | work and residence permits

As working life today often requires spatial flexibility, (permanent or temporary) cross-border relocations and double stays are not uncommon. The residence of a person is an essential element of tax and succession planning. Our Private Clients Team supports you in all questions of residence and resettlement, including work and residence permits as well as naturalisation, immigration and citizenship matters.

(Family) business

partnership agreements | corporate succession solutions

Our Private Clients Team has many years of experience in advising family businesses in commercial, real estate and tax matters. In many cases, we accompany our clients over many years and understand the sensitivities surrounding their business as well as the interaction between the estate, the company and the family's existing asset management structures. Since not only family interests but also the interests of your company and its employees have to be taken into account, we always look for the best solution in each individual case.

Private foundations

private foundation deeds | other private foundation solutions

A private foundation can be helpful in protecting assets for the future, avoiding the division of family assets, supporting family members and making charitable donations. We help you draft foundation deeds and establish internal governance structures that best meet your goals, provide clear guidance, and provide less room for litigation.

Dispute resolution for private clients

divorce | family law matters | justification and dissolution of partnerships | inheritance dispute |

Disputes between individuals are always complex, emotional and often painful for all involved. Often, not only divorce per se is an issue, but also "side issues" such as spousal and child support as well as custody and contact rights need to be addressed. Of course, overall solutions are worth striving for, whereby agreement can be reached on all issues. Whenever possible, we try to defuse a conflict at an early stage. A marriage contract or partnership agreements between spouses can help.

The same applies to inheritance law issues. With a will or inheritance contract, disputes between the children or heirs can be avoided and the family assets are protected. In general, it makes sense to consider the legal succession in advance and to make testamentary dispositions to avoid undesired successions.

Where no out-of-court solution is possible, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome in every court case.

We put together your personal pension package in five steps

  1. During a confidential first consultation, we obtain an overview of your existing financial situation, your family structure and already existing succession ideas on your side.
  2. All information gathered during the first consultation will be analyzed by us, resulting in the creation of an asset succession concept containing all necessary documents (testament, bequest, corporate agreements etc.).
  3. We will send you our concept together with the documents and accompanying explanations.
  4. Upon request, we explain all further details during a personal conversation.
  5. Hereafter, documents will be finalized, signed and archived for you in our client portal. We also take care of all necessary notifications and registrations (as, for example, registers of will).

If you wish to change your asset succession plan in the course of time, we are at your disposal at any time.

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