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Advising AVV Investment GmbH on its investment in Combeenation GmbH.

SCWP Schindhelm advises AVV Investment GmbH on its investment in Combeenation GmbH, an up-and-coming start-up software developer developing highly innovative solutions for webshops.

MMag Sebastian Hütter MMag Sebastian Hütter
Dr Wolfgang Lauss Dr Wolfgang Lauss

Advising Energie AG Oberösterreich on the restructuring of the electricity distribution business of ENAMO GmbH.

SCWP Schindhelm advised Energie AG Oberösterreich and its group companies in connection with the acquisition of Linz AG's 35% share in ENAMO GmbH. In the course of this takeover, the previous cooperation between Energie AG Oberösterreich and Linz AG in electricity sales was completely restructured.

Advising UBM on the sale of the office complex "Office Provider"

Back in 2016, SCWP Schindhelm has already advised the UBM Group on the acquisition of the property. Now, once again UBM Development relies on the expertise of the real estate experts of SCWP Schindhelm. Immanuel Gerstner and Lukas Leitner of SCWP Schindhelm advised UBM Development on the sale to a fund of Korean Inmark Asset Management in the form of a share deal.

Dr Immanuel Gerstner Dr Immanuel Gerstner
Dr Thomas Ruhm Dr Thomas Ruhm

Advising and assisting ecoduna AG in the issue of new shares.

ecoduna AG is a development company that has invented, matured and patented a market-leading biotechnological process for the production of microalgae on an industrial scale. Under the lead of partner Dr. Thomas Ruhm, the fifth issue to finance the further development of ecoduna AG has now been published and the capital increase has been accompanied.

Advising UBM on the acquisition of a development property of over 23,000 m2 on the Vienna Danube Canal from the Reitenburg Group.

The SCWP Schindhelm team advised UBM Development on the structuring of the investment, the purchase of shares and project financing. The plan is to develop a hotel and residential complex with a project volume of around EUR 400 million.

Dr Immanuel Gerstner Dr Immanuel Gerstner
Mag Christoph Luegmair Mag Christoph Luegmair

Acquisition of the KALLCO Group from WAG Wohnungsanlagengesellschaft

SCWP Schindhelm advised WAG on all legal aspects of the acquisition of the KALLCO Group. A special focus was placed on the OBERES HAUSFELD urban development project in Vienna 22, which was developed by KALLCO among others and is to provide space for 3,500 to 4,000 apartments in a new district.

Sale of the Millennium Tower by Morgan Stanley and the Kaufmann Group

Private-Equity real estate investor Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund (MSREF) and CC Real rely on legal advice of SCWP Schindhelm for the sale of the trophy asset "Millenium Tower Vienna". Led by Immanuel Gerstner, SCWP Schindhelm advised on all legal matters related with the unbundling of the Millennium Tower from the adjacent Millennium City and its sale to German Art Invest Real Estate.

Dr Immanuel Gerstner Dr Immanuel Gerstner
Dr Michael M. Pachinger Dr Michael M. Pachinger

Advising PJ Messtechnik GmbH on the conclusion of a research and cooperation agreement

SCWP Schindhelm advises PJ Messtechnik GmbH on the conclusion of a research and cooperation agreement for the development of a system solution for intelligent freight trains.

Sale of Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Gesellschaft m.b.H.

SCWP Schindhelm advised the seller on the sale of Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Gesellschaft m. b. H. to the Swiss ABB Group, one of the world's leading technology groups with annual sales of over USD 30 billion. The headquarters of Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Gesellschaft m. b. H. in Eggelsberg will be expanded by ABB to become the headquarters of the newly created business unit "Machine & Factory Automation". The acquisition closes a gap in ABB's product portfolio.

Dr Franz Mittendorfer Dr Franz Mittendorfer
Dr Wolfgang Lauss Dr Wolfgang Lauss

Acquisition of five power plants by Energie AG Oberösterreich

SCWP Schindhelm advises Energie AG Oberösterreich on the acquisition of five power plants with a standard capacity of around 30 GW at the river Traun from UPM.

Advising the Rosenberger Group on joint venture with BURGER KING® Austria

Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH and BURGER KING® Austria, represented by TQSR Holding und Development GmbH as Masterfranchisee in Austria, signed a joint venture agreement at the beginning of February. It is planned to open at least 12 BURGER KING® restaurants on Austria's motorways.

Dr Immanuel Gerstner Dr Immanuel Gerstner
Dr Immanuel Gerstner Dr Immanuel Gerstner

Sale of the "Doppio Offices" office centre of the UBM Group

SCWP Schindhelm has successfully completed another transaction of the UBM Group. Strauss & Partner Development GmbH, a member of the UBM Group, has once again relied on the real estate expertise of Dr. Immanuel Gerstner and Dr. Irene Meingast for the sale of its modern office centre "Doppio Offices". The transaction was settled as a share deal.

Acquisition of w&p Baustoffe GmbH by Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH

Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH, part of the Schmid Industrieholding GmbH/Wopfinger Group, acquired 100 % of the shares in w&p Baustoff GmbH from the Wietersdorfer Group and thus took over the entire building materials division including the Baumit and KEMA brands as well as the foreign investments. In this context, SCWP Schindhelm provided the Wopfinger Group with comprehensive legal advice on structuring and acquisition.

Dr Thomas Ruhm Dr Thomas Ruhm
Dr Michael M. Pachinger Dr Michael M. Pachinger

Data protection audit

SCWP Schindhelm assisted Schindhelm in ensuring that the collection, processing and use of the data of is always carried out in compliance with the legal regulations, in particular in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2000 and the Telecommunications Act (TKG) 2003 as well as the applicable provisions of EU law.

Sale of the AVE CEE group from ENERGIE AG Oberösterreich

SCWP Schindhelm advised Energie AG Oberösterreich, a Linz-based infrastructure company with an annual turnover of over EUR 1,8 billion, on the sale of its Eastern European waste disposal business (AVE CEE group) to the Czech industrial group EP International.

Dr Franz Mittendorfer Dr Franz Mittendorfer
Dr Gerald Schmidsberger Dr Gerald Schmidsberger

bet-at-home AG – Project Mangas

SCWP Schindhelm has been advising the listed bet-at-home AG together with its two founders since its very beginning. The first mandate contained the task to retrieve the majority shareholding back to the two founders from an investor, who got on board the then-still small undertaking intermediately.

SCWP Schindhelm advises ELIN GmbH & Co KG on judicial and out-of-court dispute resolutions

SCWP Schindhelm regularly advises ELIN GmbH & Co KG in contractual matters as well as on out-of-court and judicial settlements of disputes. Among others, SCWP Schindhelm counselled a sister company in a post-m&a legal dispute related to a company acquisition.

Mag Markus P. Fellner Mag Markus P. Fellner
Dr Ernst Chalupsky Dr Ernst Chalupsky

Acquisition of Husqvarna Motorcycles S.R.L. by Pierer Industrie AG from a notable German automotive manufacturer with the company’s subsequent liquidation and the continuation of the brand Husqvarna by KTM.

SCWP Schindhelm advised Pierer Industrie AG during its acquisition of shares in Husqvarna Motorcycles S.R.L. and Husqvarna Motorcycles NA LLC.

Schiene OÖ GmbH – „StadtRegioTram“ Straßenbahnausbau

SCWP Schindhelm supports Schiene OÖ GmbH and the Upper Austrian Transport Association in the establishment of the “StadtRegioTram” with the latest technology and expansion of the regional rail network. The mandate covers all phases from project planning to the provision of transport services and includes various public and private law aspects.

Dr Hanno Liebmann Dr Hanno Liebmann