SAXINGER provides comprehensive advice to manufacturing companies and sales partners - in particular sales representatives, authorised dealers and franchisees - on all issues of national and international sales law. The focus of consulting extends from the creation of distribution agreements and the enforcement and/or averting of compensation claims by sales representatives to advising with regard to cartel law or representation in court.

Whether it is e-business or classical sales: We draft your supply and service agreements as well as Standard Terms and Conditions, taking into account special features specific to the industry and designated purpose (e.g. online shop, B2B, etc.). We also check the contracts presented by your business partners for possible tricks and risks and recommend specific amendments to you as required.

Legal fields

  • Contract Law and General Terms and Conditions of Business
  • Law of Sales Representatives, Authorised Dealers and Franchisees
  • Claims for Compensation by Sales Representatives
  • Trade and Corporate Law
  • General Civil Law
  • Product Liability Law
  • Sales Cartel Law
  • Civil Procedural Law

Focus areas

  • Advising of manufacturing companies in the formulation of their distribution channels and distribution agreements
  • Advising of distribution partners in the collaboration with the manufacturing company
  • Formulation of sales representative, authorised dealer, franchise, supply, service contracts and associated contract types
  • Review of contracts from third parties
  • Enforcement of claims (e. g. for contract-compliant delivery, for damages, claims for damages by sales representatives)
  • Review and revision of standard terms and conditions and adaptation to changes in the law
  • Development of new standard terms and conditions
  • Creation of specific standard terms and conditions, for instance, for the online sector
  • Defence of claims, in particular those arising from warranty, damages and also claims for damages from sales representatives
  • Representation before courts, chambers and other authorities
  • Advice in the termination and winding up of contracts