Schindhelm 365 – Compliance: B2B & B2C promotional gifts (not only) at Christmas (30.11.2021)

Promotional gifts are a proven tool for acquiring and retaining customers, both in the B2B and B2C areas. Especially for start-ups and SMEs, promotional gifts can make a significant contribution to making a name for the company and enabling it to grow faster; but established large companies and international corporations also use promotional gifts to maintain their image as well as to remind business partners and customers of their company and products.

Carelessness when giving or choosing promotional gifts is not advisable, however, since one could run the risk of making oneself liable to prosecution under anti-corruption law.

In our webcast SAXINGER Partner Dr. Oliver Plöckinger answers questions such like "What does anti-corruption criminal law regulate and what is compliance?" or "Are promotional gifts permitted according to the law?".

Please note: The following explanations do not claim to be conclusive. They are only intended to provide initial information and orientation. They do not replace detailed advice. We are at your disposal for such a consultation.