Crossings & Market Manipulation: Risks of "Self-Dealing" (04.11.2021)

In recent months, there have been increased reports of fines by private investors on the part of the Financial Market Authority (FMA). The reason for this was repeated cases of market manipulation by means of “crossing”.

The most recent sanctioning of this type took place on 29.06.2021 and was directed against a small private investor. After this party concluded various “crossing” trades, the FMA imposed a penalty of EUR 600.00.

In our webcast SAXINGER Partner Dr. Thomas Ruhm provides a rough overview of “crossings” and the concept of “market manipulation” as characterised by EU law. After that, the legal consequences that can arise due to “crossings” are examined, and finally, tips are given to avoid them.

Please note: The following explanations do not claim to be conclusive. They are only intended to provide initial information and orientation. They do not replace detailed advice. We are at your disposal for such a consultation.