The current events following the outbreak and spread of the corona virus raises numerous legal questions. SAXINGER has established a COVID- 19-Unit consisting of our experts in the legal fields most frequently affected. We support you in all legal issues arising from current and future restrictions affecting your business operations.

Labour law

Employers are most frequently confronted with legal questions as follows:

  • Are employees entitled to work from home if they are afraid of infection at the work place?
  • Is the employer obliged to continue to pay its employees in case its business is closed by the authorities?
  • Are employees obliged to inform about infections?
  • Is the employer obliged to draw up a pandemic plan?
  • How to apply for government-supported short-time work?

Roland Heinrich
Irene Meingast
Bettina Poglies-Schneiderbauer

Delivery problems, loss of earnings and other business issues

The measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus cover numerous areas of business activity and raise numerous legal questions.

  • How to apply for funds from the COVID 19 crisis management fund?
  • Does the corona crisis constitute "force majeure"? What legal consequences does this have for contractual rights and obligations?
  • Can a customer refuse to accept goods?
  • Who is responsible for additional costs and project delays in construction projects?
  • Is there an obligation to pay rent despite official closure of my business premises?

Sebastian Hütter
Lukas Leitner
Alexander Wöß

Data protection

The measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic require companies to process personal data.

  • To what extent is the processing of relevant personal data permissible? Is it even mandatory?
  • Is the employer entitled and / or obliged to pass on personal data to authorities or group companies?
  • Who in the company can view the relevant data?
  • Which documentation needs exist in connection with the processing of the relevant data?
  • How to implement data security measures for home office solutions?

Philipp Lukas Leitner
Michael M. Pachinger
Philipp Reinisch

Due to intensive preparatory measures over the past few weeks, we have ensured the continued operation of SAXINGER’s offices to safeguard the interests of our clients.

Our experts are available to answer these and other legal questions of yours related to COVID 19.

In addition, these legal questions were adressed during our online event "CORONA - Risks and side effects from a legal perspective" on Thursday 19.03.2020 at 4pm (held in German language).