SAXINGER won the award "Best Legal Tech Innovation in Law 2018" for SimpLEX Doks

SAXINGER won the award "Best Legal Tech Innovation in Law 2018" for SimpLEx Doks at the first edition of "Promoting the Best Award" presented by the Association of Austrian Corporate Lawyers (Vereinigung Österreichischer Unternehmensjuristen - VUJ) and Women in Law.

SimpLEX Doks: efficient, legally compliant and cost-effective preparation of commercial register applications

SimpLEX Doks was developed by SAXINGER under the leadership of RA MMag Dr. Christian Pindeus, Partner at SAXINGER. SimpLEX Doks is therefore a smart tool from the field for the field.

SimpLEX Doks increases the efficiency of all commercial law firms and legal departments by highly automating applications to the commercial register (Firmenbuch). While it often takes several hours to create such legal documents, SimpLEX Doks delivers an individualised document package in just a few minutes. This is achieved by using forms that have been checked by a lawyer and into which company and personal data that already exists in the company register are imported. Since several legal documents necessary for the respective business case (e.g. company register application, shareholder resolutions, sample company drawings, powers of attorney, etc) can be generated simultaneously, an enormous time saving arises.

The individualised legal documents are provided as editable Word files. In addition, the user is provided with an information sheet containing the essential legal information on the specific business case, in particular on formal requirements and the necessary enclosures. Another positive effect is the additional security that results from the use of standardised templates and the import of up-to-date data from the company register: Many say that lawyers need to "industrialise" their business - SimpLEX Doks effectively supports them, freeing up resources for legal expertise.

Since its market launch in November 2017, MANZ has held a majority stake and is responsible for sales. As a client/server solution, simplyLEX Doks requires no on-site installation and is operated via a web browser.

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