CORONA - Risks and side effects from a legal perspective (online event)

Lecture, Linz, 19.03.2020 16:00


MMag Sebastian Hütter, Attorney at Law, Austria
Mag Bettina Poglies-Schneiderbauer, Attorney at Law, Austria
Dr Alexander Wöß, Attorney at Law, registered mediator, Austria


Sebastian Hütter, Lawyer
Bettina Poglies-Schneiderbauer, Lawyer, Partner
Alexander Wöß, Lawyer, Partner

Online Event (Microsoft Teams)

Thursday, March 19th, 2020, from 04:00 pm


We will discuss briefly and concisely important current aspects in connection with COVID-19, especially from the perspective of labour law, civil law and public law.

  • Do I have to grant my employees a home office if I fear an infection?
  • What is the situation regarding continued payment in the event of an officially ordered quarantine?
  • Do my employees have to tell me that they are infected?
  • Is Corona "force majeure"? What is the consequence?
  • Can my customer refuse to accept goods?
  • What can the authorities order and on what legal basis?
  • Can I defend myself against the closure of my business?

Normally, we will of course be happy to invite you to our offices. However, against the current background, it seems appropriate to us to hold the event in the form of a free online seminar. Please see the invitation below for full details of how to participate.

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