Investment in China

China is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. This dynamism offers excellent business opportunities for foreign companies.


Innovations are among the decisive drivers for growth and business success. But how can you protect and use innovations in the long term?


Employment law is as diverse as everyday business life in your company. Our team provides you with comprehensive advice in the field of individual and collective labour law.

Corporate / M&A

The corporate landscape in Europe is in motion. There are various reasons for this. The financial and economic crisis as well as strategic challenges.


When the Member States of the EU procure products and services, a gigantic market is set in motion. Clients and contractors require more than just special consulting.

Banking and Finance

The spotlight continues to be on the international financial markets. New regulatory measures are being discussed and decided. The financing structures are also undergoing further dynamic development.

Public Construction and Environmental Law

SCWP Schindhelm has many years of comprehensive experience in the area of construction and environmental law. Our work includes advising on proceedings to issue or amend land and specialist planning files, including so-called strategic environmental audits.

Real Estate

A highly complex field: real estate legal advice requires a broad range of legal and commercial know-how.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Corporate crises frequently demand drastic, rapid and often also painful restructuring measures from a commercial and legal perspective. However, it is also about discovering new prospects and opportunities.

Sales / Distribution

Competition law has gained importance rapidly in recent years at national and European level. It is thus important to anticipate potential competition risks and to avoid them.

Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Nobody likes to be involved in disputes. Our specialists have many years of experience and superb expertise in the averting and enforcement of all disputed claims. Consequently, we know what is important when a dispute has arisen.

Commercial Criminal Law / Compliance

Today, more than ever, entrepreneurial activity harbours the risk of coming under the spotlight of the State prosecutor's office, tax fraud investigations teams or other investigative authorities.

Investments in Central and Eastern Europe

This region remains one of the most important investment destinations. After all, it is one of the fastest growing commercial regions with highly promising prospects.

The e-procurement platform

As of 18.10.2018, all contracting authorities are obliged to carry out public procurement procedures for contracts valued above the applicable financial treshold only by electronic means. SCWP Schindhelm now offers an e-procurement platform for this purpose.

All public procurement procedures can now be processed online, not only if e-procurement is mandatory, but in any case. In addition, SCWP Schindhelm can conduct procurement procedures such as this as the representative of the contracting authority.

New alliance partner in Bulgaria

The SCWP Schindhelm Services SE alliance of European business law firms, has extended its network once more and is now represented with the law office Dr. Cornelia Draganova & colleagues in Bulgaria with office locations in Sofia and Varna.

With the new locations in Bulgaria the Schindhelm Alliance consists of more than 200 lawyers in 12 countries at 25 sites.

Cooperation with the Lab for Digital transformation and Law at the JKU

The technological progress of the digitization creates completely new challenges for the legal system as well. Juridical subjects in connection with digital processes are partially still unsolved by the existing European and national legal systems.

The interdisciplinary cooperation at the Linz Institute for Technology (LIT) provides an excellent environment for the creation of a scientific competence centre.

SCWP Schindhelm is proud to contribute with its know-how and its international expertise to the success of this project.

New data protection legislation 2018

With effect from 25.05.2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply within the European Union and the 2018 Austrian Data Protection Amendment Act will apply within Austria. Until that date companies and public authorities have time to implement the necessary measures. A breach of the provisions of the GDPR could lead to financial penalties of up to EUR 20 million or 4% of global annual turnover for the previous business year.

Further details on this subject are available here.

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