SCWP Schindhelm press coverage

19.04.2021 - Die Presse - Consequences of not wearing a mask in parliament

Criminal law has to be considered when not wearing a mask in parliament.

(Dr Oliver Plöckinger)

> Die Presse - Mit Virus und ohne Maske im Parlament: Gefängnisstrafe droht
12.04.2021 - - Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Saxinger promotes two partners at the Linz office

Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH (SCWP Schindhelm) promotes Dr. Oliver Plöckinger and Mag. Edwin Scharf to contract partners in April.

(Dr Oliver Plöckinger, Mag Edwin Scharf)

> - Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner ernennt zwei neue Partner in Linz
06.03.2021 - OÖN - Information from invastigation files

Lawyers argue for a prohibition of the publication of information from investigation files.

(Dr Franz Mittendorfer, Dr Oliver Plöckinger)

> OÖN - Aus für Leaks: Schutz für Opfer oder Maulkorb?