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Dr Michael M. Pachinger

10.11.2020 - OÖN - ECJ declares Privacy Shield invalid

Digital Days: Michael Pachinger on the withdrawal of the EU-US data protection agreement

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

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17.07.2020 - OÖN - Data protection becomes more complicated for companies

EU terminates the US data protection agreement “Privacy Shield”. Dr. Michael Pachinger provides insights on the effects of this decision and the need for measures to be taken by companies.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Aus für Datenschutzabkommen: "Für Unternehmen wird es komplizierter"
30.05.2020 - OÖN - Data protection in times of the crisis

On 25 May 2018 the GDPR entered into force in the EU. Two years later, discussions on the GDPR are ongoing.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Ein Stresstest für den Datenschutz
01.04.2020 - OÖN - Mobile phone data in the fight against Corona

Dr. Michael Pachinger on big data and data protection law in the event of epidemics.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Handydaten als Schlüssel im Kampf gegen Corona
26.02.2020 - - SCWP Schindhelm advises VDS Group

The Chinese engine manufacturer Weichai acquires a 51 percent share of the Upper Austrian VDS Group.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner, Dr Thomas Ruhm, Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> - Weichai erwirbt 51 Prozent an VDS Group
03.11.2019 - Profil - data protection and the million-euro fine against Österreichische Post AG

A million-dollar fine against the "Österreichische Post AG": What does this mean for other companies? - Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, advises companies on data protection issues and believes that the record fine was foreseeable and that other companies need not be overly worried.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Profil - Datenschock: Millionenstrafe gegen die Post
14.10.2019 - Die Presse - Legal § People: New handbook on data protection law

One-year GDPR in Europe - Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, informs about important aspects of data protection law in his new handbook "Datenschutz - Recht und Praxis" (Data Protection - Law and Practice).

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Die Presse - Legal § People: Handbuch Datenschutz
03.06.2019 - Die Presse - Legal § People: One year anniversary of GDPR in Europe

It's one year since the GDPR came into force. In an interview, Hannelore Schmidt (data protection officer at Austrian Airlines AG) and Dr.. Michael Pachinger (partner at SCWP Schindhelm) provide information o new legal developments, such as the right to data portability or regulations on profiling.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Die Presse - Legal § People – Branchennews aus der Welt des Rechts
03.06.2019 - Kronen Zeitung - Data protection in the 21st century

The GDPR has caused displeasure among many companies, but it has made the cyber world more secure and transparent, says Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Kronen Zeitung - Datenschutz ist im 21. Jahrhundert angekommen