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07.02.2022 - JUVE Magazin - JUVE TOP 20 / National Overview

SCWP Schindhelm: Largest team in Upper Austria, which stands out in particular in Corporate Law / M&A and advising the Public Sector

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky, Mag Clemens Harsch, Dr Hanno Liebmann)

> JUVE Magazin - JUVE TOP 20 / National Overview
18.09.2020 - anwalt aktuell - SCWP Schindhelm advises on tram-train-vehicle take-over

In cooperation with several German clients from Baden-Württemberg and the Saarland, a project worth billions has been started. Ultra-modern tram-train vehicles are to make passenger transport by rail more attractive.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Mag. Anna Sophie Leopold)

> anwalt aktuell - SCWP Schindhelm unterstützt Tram-Train-Fahrzeug-Übernahme
02.09.2020 - juve Magazin - Six cities procure tram-train vehicles with Heuking and SCWP Schindhelm

Six transport operators from Austria, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland have jointly started a tendering procedure for 504 tram-train vehicles. SCWP Schindhelm (Vienna) is advising the State of Salzburg and Schiene OÖ under the lead of Dr. Hanno Liebmann.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Mag. Anna Sophie Leopold)

> juve Magazin - Gebündelt: Sechs Städte beschaffen mit Heuking und SCWP Schindhelm Stadt-Umland-Bahnen
24.07.2020 - - Update on municipal law

The reference book on municipal law has been updated.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann)

> - Gemeinderecht: Neues zu Kooperationen, Haushalt, Aufträgen
05.06.2020 - JUVE Magazin für Wirtschaftsjuristen - SCWP Schindhelm as one of the leading law firms in public procurement law

SCWP Schindhelm’s public law practice has an outstanding position in rail infrastructure projects. Partner Hanno Liebmann is once more referred to as the figurehead of railway law.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Dr Markus L. Nußbaumer)

> JUVE Magazin für Wirtschaftsjuristen - SCWP Schindhelm im Wirtschaftsverwaltungsrecht