SCWP Schindhelm press coverage

07.02.2022 - JUVE Magazin - JUVE TOP 20 / National Overview

SCWP Schindhelm: Largest team in Upper Austria, which stands out in particular in Corporate Law / M&A and advising the Public Sector

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky, Mag Clemens Harsch, Dr Hanno Liebmann)

> JUVE Magazin - JUVE TOP 20 / Nationaler Überblick
07.02.2022 - JUVE Magazin - Rankings & Analyses / Insolvency and Restructuring

The restructuring practice of the firm, which is one of the top players in Upper Austria, has established a new structure.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky)

> JUVE Magazin - Rankings & Analysen / Insolvenz und Restrukturierung
25.10.2021 - - SCWP Schindhelm advised Pierer-Group

SCWP Schindhelm and Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte GmbH advised Pierer-Group in the course of the simplification of the shareholding structure and capital increase.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky, Dr Raziye Taşkıran, Mag Markus P. Fellner)

> - SCWP Schindhelm beriet Pierer-Gruppe
26.09.2020 - OÖN - The multiplication of credit liabilities

The multiplication of credit liabilities due to the accumulation of compound interests and collection costs is nothing unusual.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky)

> OÖN - Wie aus einem 24.000-Euro-Kredit 1,8 Millionen Euro Schulden wurden
07.08.2020 - juve Magazin - A bond of trust is important

For Ernst Chalupsky, legal advice and a supervisory board mandate are not mutually exclusive as long as a bond of trust exists.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky)

> juve Magazin - Ein Vertrauensverhältnis ist für so eine Aufgabe wichtig