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24.10.2021 - Der Standard - Promoting the Best Awards 2021

Women in Law, together with the Association of Austrian Corporate Lawyers, announced the winners of the Promoting the Best Awards on 12.10.2021.

(Dr Birgit Leb, Dr Irene Meingast, Mag Jana Seywald)

> Der Standard - An den Rahmenbedingungen schrauben
30.09.2021 - Die Oberösterreicherin - What happens after a divorce?

Marriage contract, partnership agreement, the consequences of a divorce: Dr Birgit Leb, MBA is specialised in the field of "business and marriage".

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> Die Oberösterreicherin - Scheidung, was nun?
03.05.2021 - Die Presse - New decision of the Austrian Supreme Court

The wife of a successful entrepreneur failed in her attempt to participate in the success of her husband after their divorce.

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> Die Presse - OGH schützt Unternehmen vor Zugriff bei Scheidung
19.04.2021 - Die Presse - The privacy of divorcees in the land register

The European Court of Human Rights has insisted on the privacy of divorcees. The implementation in legal practice is difficult.

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> Die Presse - Jetzt muss sich noch die Praxis ändern
10.02.2020 - - New Case Law on the Validity of Wills

In a recent decision, the Austrian Supreme Court introduced stricter requirements for the validity of wills written by a third party (i.e. not the deceased herself / himself). Therefore, all wills written by a third party containing more than one sheet should be examined, says Dr Birgit Leb, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm. (Dr. Birgit Leb)

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> - Der OGH zur Gültigkeit von fremdhändigen Testamenten