SCWP Schindhelm press coverage

31.12.2020 - - Advising MATE GmbH on its entry into the System 7 Group

By way of a capital increase MATE GmbH acquired a 30 percent stake of the share capital of System 7 Railholding GmbH.

(Dr Wolfgang Lauss, MMag Sebastian Hütter, Mag Lukas Urban)

> - Einstieg der MATE GmbH in die System 7-Gruppe
21.12.2020 - Property Funds World - Primevest Capital Partners acquires 86 subsidised apartments in ‘My Smart City Graz’ for EUR18.5m

Primevest Capital Partners has purchased a residential development for approximately EUR18.5 million in My Smart City Graz, Austria. The project, located on Waagner-Biro-Strasse and the corner of Dreierschützengasse, comprises 86 subsidised apartments and two commercial units, totalling some 5,200 sqm of lettable space.

> Property Funds World - Primevest Capital Partners erwirbt 86 Wohnungen in "My Smart City Graz"
18.12.2020 - der brutkasten - Legal Tech Hub Vienna & AAIA: The Investment Night

On Thursday evening the 17th of December, the Legal Tech Hub Vienna (LTHV) hosted the Investment Night together with the Austrian Angel Investors Association (AAIA).

(Mag Philipp Reinisch)

> der brutkasten - Legal Tech Hub Vienna & AAIA: Das war die Investment Night
17.12.2020 - dental journal - Conditions of job sharing among dentists

In this final article on the topic of establishing a doctor's office, the conditions of job sharing among dentists  are presented in more detail.

(Mag Michaela Nill)

> dental journal - Rahmenbedingungen des Jobsharings im zahnärztlichen Bereich
14.12.2020 - ImmoFokus - Primevest Capital Partners buy apartment complex

Primevest Capital Partners has purchased a residential complex for around €18.5 million in "My Smart City Graz".

> ImmoFokus - Primevest Capital Partners kaufen zu
05.12.2020 - OÖN - Latest Promotions

Dr. Bernhard Gonaus has been promoted to Counsel.

(Dr Bernhard Gonaus)

> OÖN - Aufsteiger & Umsteiger
04.12.2020 - OÖN - Legal aspects of homeoffice

Homeoffice in times of Corona: Many legal issues are not regulated yet. Experts give answers to the most important questions.

(Dr Roland Heinrich)

> OÖN - Die Rechte und Pflichten im Homeoffice
26.11.2020 - Ärzte exklusiv - Liability insurance for physicians

Since August 2010 it has been obligatory for every physician in private practices to have professional liability insurance. It protects the doctor against claims for damages from injured patients.

(Mag Michaela Nill)

> Ärzte exklusiv - Ärzte-Haftpflichtversicherung: Zahlen Sie auch zu viel?
22.11.2020 - Kronen Zeitung - The digital visit of a physician via mobile app

The technical possibilities have been available for a long time but many legal questions remain unsanswered.

(Mag Michaela Nill, Mag Philipp Lukas Leitner)

> Kronen Zeitung - Experten prüfen digitalen Arztbesuch mit Handy-App
13.11.2020 - - The Schindhelm Alliance opened new offices in Paris and Gliwice

SCWP Schindhelm Service SE has opened a new office in Gliwice on 1st September 2020 and a new office in Paris on 1st November 2020.

(Dr Franz Mittendorfer, Dr. Bernhard Heringhaus, Maurice Hartmann, Philippe C. Bastian, Dr. Marcin Śledzikowski)

> - Die Schindhelm Allianz eröffnet neue Standorte in Paris und Gleiwitz
13.11.2020 - anwalt aktuell - Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH appoints another Contract Partner

Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH (SCWP Schindhelm) promoted Clemens Harsch to Contract Partner on 1st October 2020.

(Mag Clemens Harsch)

> anwalt aktuell - Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH (SCWP Schindhelm) ernennt einen neuen Contract Partner
10.11.2020 - OÖN - ECJ declares Privacy Shield invalid

Digital Days: Michael Pachinger on the withdrawal of the EU-US data protection agreement

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN -
06.11.2020 - OÖN - Legal framework for urn graves

A grave outside the cemetery is possible, but there are some requirements that have to be considered.

(Mag Lydia Kerbler)

> OÖN - Eine letzte Ruhestätte außerhalb des Friedhofs ist möglich allerdings sind dafür einige Voraussetzungen einzuhalten
03.11.2020 - - SCWP Schindhelm opened new office in Paris

The SCWP Schindhelm Services SE opened a new office in the centre of Paris on the 1st of November.

> - SCWP Schindhelm startet in Paris und weitere Anwalts-News
15.10.2020 - Leadersnet - Paternity leave among Austrian lawyers

For the third time, "Women in Law" and "Future Law" presented the "Promoting the Best Awards" for legal departments and law firms.

> Leadersnet - Väterkarenz als Zukunftstreiber bei Österreichs Juristen
03.10.2020 - OÖN - Latest Promotions

Clemens Harsch has been promoted to Contract Partner at SCWP Schindhelm.

(Mag Clemens Harsch)

> OÖN - Aufsteiger & Umsteiger
26.09.2020 - OÖN - The multiplication of credit liabilities

The multiplication of credit liabilities due to the accumulation of compound interests and collection costs is nothing unusual.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky)

> OÖN - Wie aus einem 24.000-Euro-Kredit 1,8 Millionen Euro Schulden wurden
18.09.2020 - anwalt aktuell - SCWP Schindhelm advises on tram-train-vehicle take-over

In cooperation with several German clients from Baden-Württemberg and the Saarland, a project worth billions has been started. Ultra-modern tram-train vehicles are to make passenger transport by rail more attractive.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Mag Stella Zankl, Mag Eva Niel, Mag Sophie Esra Albayrakoglu, Mag. Anna Sophie Riedl)

> anwalt aktuell - SCWP Schindhelm unterstützt Tram-Train-Fahrzeug-Übernahme
11.09.2020 - Trend - A four-billion-euro rail project

SCWP Schindhelm advises on a cross-border contract for so-called "TramTrains". The project value of around four billion euros is remarkable.

> Trend - Das Vier-Milliarden-Bahn-Projekt
02.09.2020 - juve Magazin - Six cities procure tram-train vehicles with Heuking and SCWP Schindhelm

Six transport operators from Austria, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland have jointly started a tendering procedure for 504 tram-train vehicles. SCWP Schindhelm (Vienna) is advising the State of Salzburg and Schiene OÖ under the lead of Dr. Hanno Liebmann.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Mag Stella Zankl, Mag. Anna Sophie Riedl, Mag Sophie Esra Albayrakoglu)

> juve Magazin - Gebündelt: Sechs Städte beschaffen mit Heuking und SCWP Schindhelm Stadt-Umland-Bahnen
01.09.2020 - Profil - Corona state aids: The economy is facing a turbulent autumn

Dr. Immanuel Gerstner comments on the effectiveness of state aid loans and to what extent domestic companies currently benefit from them.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner)

> Profil - Corona-Hilfen: der Wirtschaft steht ein stürmischer Herbst bevor
07.08.2020 - juve Magazin - A bond of trust is important

For Ernst Chalupsky, legal advice and a supervisory board mandate are not mutually exclusive as long as a bond of trust exists.

(Dr Ernst Chalupsky)

> juve Magazin - Ein Vertrauensverhältnis ist für so eine Aufgabe wichtig
24.07.2020 - - Update on municipal law

The reference book on municipal law has been updated.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann)

> - Gemeinderecht: Neues zu Kooperationen, Haushalt, Aufträgen
17.07.2020 - OÖN - Data protection becomes more complicated for companies

EU terminates the US data protection agreement “Privacy Shield”. Dr. Michael Pachinger provides insights on the effects of this decision and the need for measures to be taken by companies.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Aus für Datenschutzabkommen: "Für Unternehmen wird es komplizierter"
06.07.2020 - Der Börsianer - Legal industry

SCWP Schindhelm advises SORAVIA on the sale of the Austro Tower to the German real estate investor DEKA by way of a forward deal.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner, Mag Jana Seywald)

> Der Börsianer - Branche Recht Ticker
23.06.2020 - - Four new partners at Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH

SCWP Schindhelm promoted one contract partner and three salary partners, thus further strengthening its position as one of the leading business law firms in Austria.

(Dr Lukas Leitner, MMag Sebastian Hütter, Mag Lydia Kerbler, Mag Maria Praher)

> - Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH ernennt neue Partner
05.06.2020 - JUVE Magazin für Wirtschaftsjuristen - SCWP Schindhelm as one of the leading law firms in public procurement law

SCWP Schindhelm’s public law practice has an outstanding position in rail infrastructure projects. Partner Hanno Liebmann is once more referred to as the figurehead of railway law.

(Dr Hanno Liebmann, Dr Markus L. Nußbaumer)

> JUVE Magazin für Wirtschaftsjuristen - SCWP Schindhelm im Wirtschaftsverwaltungsrecht
02.06.2020 - - Advising SORAVIA on the sale of the Austro Tower

SCWP Schindhelm advises SORAVIA on the sale of the Austro Tower to the German institutional real estate investor DEKA.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner, Mag Jana Seywald)

> - SCWP Schindhelm berät SORAVIA beim Verkauf des Austro Towers an DEKA
30.05.2020 - OÖN - Data protection in times of the crisis

On 25 May 2018 the GDPR entered into force in the EU. Two years later, discussions on the GDPR are ongoing.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Ein Stresstest für den Datenschutz
16.05.2020 - OÖN Pegasus - New contracts in times of Corona

Key aspects in contract law in times of Corona.

(MMag Sebastian Hütter)

> OÖN Pegasus - "Der Vertrag muss erfüllt werden"
10.04.2020 - OÖGZ - Arising difficulties in proceedings

Dr. Franz Mittendorfer, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm and President of the Upper Austrian Bar Association, in an interview with OÖGZ.

(Dr Franz Mittendorfer)

> OÖGZ - Verfahren werden zunehmend komplizierter
01.04.2020 - OÖN - Mobile phone data in the fight against Corona

Dr. Michael Pachinger on big data and data protection law in the event of epidemics.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> OÖN - Handydaten als Schlüssel im Kampf gegen Corona
31.03.2020 - OÖN - New worries among entrepreneurs

Three frequently discussed topics in law firms at the moment: commercial leases, loan financing and remote Office.
(Dr. Franz Mittendorfer)

(Dr Franz Mittendorfer)

> OÖN - OÖN - "Kann ich den Staat auf Schadenersatz verklagen?"
30.03.2020 - Die Presse - Banks and loan payment deferral

Dr. Immanuel Gerstner on distressed loans.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner)

> Die Presse - Muss die Bank jetzt Kreditraten stunden?
26.03.2020 - Kurier - Reduction of rental payments for business owners

Controversial points of rent reduction in the event of an epidemic. (SCWP Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit)

> Kurier - Mietzinsminderung: Rechtslage nicht eindeutig
24.03.2020 - - Rent reduction: legal situation unclear

The Austrian Minister of Justice on the legal situation concerning rent reductions during the shut-down. (SCWP Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit)

> - Mietzinsminderung: Rechtslage nicht eindeutig
23.03.2020 - - COVID-19: Reduction of rents during the crisis

Can companies reduce the rent during the shut-down. (SCWP Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit)

> - Reduktion von Mieten während der Krise
23.03.2020 - Die Presse - The risk of liability when profits are distributed

Dr. Gerald Schmidsberger and Dr. Bernhard Gonaus on limitations on profit distributions.

(Dr Gerald Schmidsberger, Dr Bernhard Gonaus)

> Die Presse - Wer Gewinn verteilt, riskiert zu haften
20.03.2020 - - Expert group "COVID-19-Unit"

SCWP Schindhelm has set up an expert group to provide information on the legal areas that are most frequently affected by the crisis. (SCWP Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit)

> - Expertenpools "COVID-19-Unit"
19.03.2020 - Börse Social Network - Law firm SCWP Schindhelm: foundation of the expert pool "COVID-19-Unit"

SCWP Schindhelm has set up an expert group to provide information on the legal areas that are most frequently affected by the crisis. (SCWP Schindhelm COVID-19-Unit)

> Börse Social Network - Börse Social Network - Rechtsanwaltskanzlei SCWP Schindhelm: Gründung des Expertenpools „COVID-19-Unit“
17.03.2020 - - SCWP Schindhelm online event

SCWP Schindhelm is organising an online event on the corona virus airing March 19th 2020.

(Dr Alexander Wöß, Mag Bettina Poglies-Schneiderbauer, MMag Sebastian Hütter)

> - Coronavirus-Hilfe: Online-Veranstaltung
17.03.2020 - Salzburger Nachrichten - A1 provides mobile data to the government

The Austrian Telekom collects data and passes it on to the government. (Dr. Michael Pachinger)

> Salzburger Nachrichten - Coronavirus: A1 liefert Bewegungsströme an die Regierung
11.03.2020 - Die Presse - Childcare in times of Corona

Options for employees when schools and childcare facilities are closed.

(Mag Bettina Poglies-Schneiderbauer)

> Die Presse - Corona: Kann ich zu Hause bleiben, um mein Kind zu betreuen?
26.02.2020 - - SCWP Schindhelm advises VDS Group

The Chinese engine manufacturer Weichai acquires a 51 percent share of the Upper Austrian VDS Group.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner, Dr Thomas Ruhm, Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> - Weichai erwirbt 51 Prozent an VDS Group
10.02.2020 - - New Case Law on the Validity of Wills

In a recent decision, the Austrian Supreme Court introduced stricter requirements for the validity of wills written by a third party (i.e. not the deceased herself / himself). Therefore, all wills written by a third party containing more than one sheet should be examined, says Dr Birgit Leb, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm. (Dr. Birgit Leb)

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> - Der OGH zur Gültigkeit von fremdhändigen Testamenten
10.02.2020 - Österreichisches Anwaltsblatt - Civil Procedure Law

Mag. Ria Kucera, on the admissibility of a preliminary written statement and compensation of costs in District Court proceedings .

(Mag Ria Kucera)

> Österreichisches Anwaltsblatt - (02/2020)
29.01.2020 - - Mag. Elisabeth Forstner has been promoted to counsel

In January 2020 Mag. Elisabeth Forstner has been promoted to Counsel. She passed her bar exam in 2018, with a focus on competition and intellectual property law.

(Mag Elisabeth Forstner)

> - Elisabeth Forstner verstärkt als Rechtsanwältin das Team von SCWP Schindhelm
27.01.2020 - Die Presse - Legal § People: Industry news from the world of law

Legal § People - Deals of the week: SCWP Schindhelm advised Invest AG on its acquisition of a stake in System 7 Group. (Dr. Franz Mittendorfer, MMag. Sebastian Hütter)

(Dr Franz Mittendorfer, MMag Sebastian Hütter)

> Die Presse - Legal § People – Branchen-News aus der Welt des Rechts
20.01.2020 - Die Presse - China's first arbitration institution in Vienna

The leading arbitration institution of the People's Republic of China has established its first foreign office in Vienna.

> Die Presse - Chinas Schiedsinstitution für Wien