SCWP Schindhelm press coverage

12.11.2019 - OÖN Pegasus - "Top 250"

Handling insolvencies, advising start-ups, selling a company - business lawyers reveal their most exciting cases: Christoph Luegmair, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, recently advised on the sale of a property on which an Amazon logistics centre is being built for a client.

(Mag Christoph Luegmair)

> OÖN Pegasus - "Top 250" – "Grenzen ausloten"
08.11.2019 - OÖN - the legal consequences of the end of a partnership

The end of a partnership: - Two unmarried persons living together are facing a couple of disadvantages compared to a married couple or two people in a marital cohabitation.. Dr. Birgit Leb, attorney at law and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, gives advice about what should be taken into consideration in case of a separation or divorce.

(Dr Birgit Leb)

07.11.2019 - Der Standard - Crowdfunding and its importance on the financial market

Crowd investing as an integral part of the financial market - The EU is eager to create an EU-wide level playing field for crowd investing platform to help crowdfunding services function smoothly and foster cross-border business funding. Crowd financing has gained importance in the real estate sector, says Dr. Immanuel Gerstner, lawyer and senior partner at SCWP Schindhelm.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner)

> Der Standard - "EU bastelt an Spielregeln für die Crowd"
03.11.2019 - Profil - data protection and the million-euro fine against Österreichische Post AG

A million-dollar fine against the "Österreichische Post AG": What does this mean for other companies? - Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, advises companies on data protection issues and believes that the record fine was foreseeable and that other companies need not be overly worried.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Profil - Datenschock: Millionenstrafe gegen die Post
31.10.2019 - JUVE 2019 - Career Ranking 2019

SCWP Schindhelm is listed in the JUVE Career Ranking 2019 as one of the best educators for associates in the Austrian legal market: SCWP Schindhelm received top rankings for its support towards the bar exam and has a lot to offer for associates, for example internal lectures, workshops, university moot courts as well as the close cooperation with other law firms and tax consultants.

> JUVE 2019 - Karriere: SCWP Schindhelm ist Top-Ausbildner
23.10.2019 - - SCWP Schindhelm advising Susanne Kaufmann Kosmetik GmbH

Manzanita Capital acquires a stake in Susanne Kaufmann Kosmetik GmbH: SCWP Schindhelm advised Susanne Kaufmann during the entire transaction process.

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Roland Heinrich, Dr Lukas Leitner, Mag Philipp Reinisch)

> - Susanne Kaufmann Kosmetik GmbH
16.10.2019 - Die Presse - crowdfunding and real estate projects

The Crowd mainly finances construction projects - says Dr. Immanuel Gerstner, lawyer and senior partner at SCWP Schindhelm: "90 percent of the funds are used for real estate projects. More and more companies are making use of this opportunity to collect mezzanine capital from private investors".

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner)

> Die Presse - "Die Crowd finanziert vor allem Bauprojekte"
14.10.2019 - Die Presse - Legal § People: New handbook on data protection law

One-year GDPR in Europe - Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, informs about important aspects of data protection law in his new handbook "Datenschutz - Recht und Praxis" (Data Protection - Law and Practice).

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Die Presse - Legal § People: Handbuch Datenschutz
07.10.2019 - - SCWP Schindhelm advising IES Immobilien Group: Project „Y-Towers Amsterdam“

SCWP Schindhelm advised the IES Immobilien Group on the sale of its shares in the hotel and residential project "Y-Towers Amsterdam".

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Irene Meingast)

> - IES Immobilien Group: Y-Towers
18.09.2019 - Sonderbeilage OÖN - "Aktiv Leben"

Have you already thought about tomorrow? From a legal and financial point of view, it is of great importance to make arrangements for retirement or demise in time. Dr. Birgit Leb, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, gives more insight on this topic in the OÖN "Aktiv leben".

(Dr Birgit Leb)

> Sonderbeilage OÖN - "Aktiv leben"
13.06.2019 - Der Standard - The value of selling properties

Real estate prices are rising and may tempt you to sell your property. Dr. Irene Meingast, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm, advises on what sellers should watch out for.

(Dr Irene Meingast)

> Der Standard - "Was ein Verkauf der Immobilie kostet"
03.06.2019 - Die Presse - Legal § People: One year anniversary of GDPR in Europe

It's one year since the GDPR came into force. In an interview, Hannelore Schmidt (data protection officer at Austrian Airlines AG) and Dr.. Michael Pachinger (partner at SCWP Schindhelm) provide information o new legal developments, such as the right to data portability or regulations on profiling.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Die Presse - Legal § People – Branchennews aus der Welt des Rechts
03.06.2019 - Kronen Zeitung - Data protection in the 21st century

The GDPR has caused displeasure among many companies, but it has made the cyber world more secure and transparent, says Dr. Michael Pachinger, lawyer and partner at SCWP Schindhelm.

(Dr Michael M. Pachinger)

> Kronen Zeitung - Datenschutz ist im 21. Jahrhundert angekommen
19.02.2019 - Börsianer Magazin - Dr. Gerald Schmidsberger ist neuer Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der Athos Immobilien AG (about a SCWP Schindhelm lawyer as Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Dr. Gerald Schmidsberger, lawyer and senior partner at SCWP Schindhelm, was appointed as new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Athos Immobilien AG in December 2018.

(Dr Gerald Schmidsberger)

> Börsianer Magazin - Dr. Gerald Schmidberger ist neuer Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der Athos Immobilien AG
14.01.2019 - - SCWP Schindhelm advises UBM Group again

SCWP Schindhelm advises UBM on the sale of the oficce complex"Office Provider".

(Dr Immanuel Gerstner, Dr Lukas Leitner)

> - SCWP Schindhelm berät UBM beim Verkauf des Bürokomplexes "Office Provider"